• CBD AM/PM Bundle
  • CBD AM/PM Bundle
  • CBD AM/PM Bundle

CBD AM/PM Bundle

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Introducing the "AM/PM Bundle" - a harmonious combo of our "sleep" and "relax" CBD oils, meticulously crafted to guide you through your day and night with a gentle, soothing embrace.

Imagine a day where tranquility follows you like a gentle shadow, and a night where sleep cuddles you softly into dreamland.

With the "AM/PM Bundle", you’re not choosing between peace and rest; you’re enveloping yourself in both, seamlessly, from sunrise to moonlight.

🌱 Double the Organic Bliss: Both oils are sourced from the lush, organic cannabis farms of northern Thailand, ensuring your journey from day to night is as pure as nature intended.

🌞🌜 Day-to-Night Serenity: "relax" to gracefully glide through your day and "sleep" to tenderly tuck you in at night, a 24-hour serenity cycle.

🧪 Lab Tested for Efficacy and Safety: Vigorously lab-tested for active compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials.

🥥 MCT Oil Harmony: Utilizing MCT oil as the carrier in both, ensuring a smooth, swift journey to tranquility and slumber.

❄️ Precision in Every Drop: Cryo-ethanol extracted at a GMP and GHP accredited facility, ensuring every drop in both bottles is a whisper of calm and a lullaby of sleep.

🚫 No High, Just Peace: "relax" ensures a serene, non-intoxicating calm throughout your day, while "sleep" gently guides you to rest without the grogginess.

💸 Bundle & Save: Embrace the serenity duo at a special bundle price, because peace of mind (and wallet) is part of the journey.